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Do’s in the interview - candidate

Every day, millions of individuals are interviewed for a variety of jobs. Despite the fact that some succeed on their first attempt, it takes others longer to decipher these. If you have lofty aspirations, you must endure failed interviews, constant pressure, and rejections. Regardless of how many times you falter or fail, persistently pursuing your goals can yield long-term benefits. Even the former British prime minister has said: -

"If you're going through hell, keep going." — Winston Churchill

This implies that if you continue to fail and be rejected in interviews, Keep going and you will eventually succeed.

Now let's examine current trends used by renowned firms when conducting interviews

Cerner Previous candidates praised the company's straightforward, well-organized, and professional interviews, for which the company has received an interview score of 83 percent.

Google has been at the forefront of innovative interview strategies for a considerable amount of time. Their approach has more to do with discovering the behavioral characteristics of a potential employee than with bombarding them with brain teasers. like How would you describe AdWords to a 7-year-old? is one of Google's most challenging interview questions. How would you design a mobile social application for an orthodontist office chain? And, 'if you wanted to bring your dog to work, but a coworker was allergic, what would you do?'

In Intel: - The most qualified candidates for open positions are contacted by an Intel representative and given the opportunity to be interviewed over the phone, online, or in person. In order to assess a candidate's skill set, Intel utilizes both behavior-based and technical interview questions, similar to Google.

The individuals at Intel are not only interested in how you can contribute to their team but also in your passions and personality. It is encouraged that prospective candidates pose questions to the interviewer as well.

Now Let's get into all the interview do's and how to ace interviews: -

Numerous large companies, such as Amazon, Myntra, Apple, etc., conduct multiple interview rounds, so be prepared for this and engage with all stakeholders and make a positive impression in front of them.

Even if you possess all of the required experience and skills for the position, you can still fail an interview if you are overly stressed.

To avoid this, consider the following suggestions: -

Before an interview, perform a brief morning workout, meditate for five minutes, concentrate on your breathing, and work on your mindset. Remember that this is just one interview, which will soon conclude.

If you are attending a face-to-face interview, you should plan your trip there, conduct a trial run if the location is unfamiliar, and arrive a few minutes early. Arriving late for a job interview is unacceptable.

Bring your resume and ensure you are familiar with its dates and specifics so you can confidently discuss it and provide examples.

For a video interview, minimize technical issues by testing your video tool the day before your interview. On the day of your interview, ensure you are set up and ready to go at least 15 minutes early, in a quiet, comfortable environment. You won't have the luxury of a firm handshake or eye contact with your interviewer, so the best alternative is to smile confidently and appear engaged.

Utilize courtesy and respect when interacting with others. During the hiring process, their impressions of you may be sought.

When you are greeted by your interviewer, offer a firm handshake, make eye contact, and project a friendly demeanor.

Even if your interviewer gives you a first and last name, you should address them by their title (Ms., Mr., Dr) and last name until otherwise instructed.

Maintain excellent eye contact throughout the interview.

Whenever possible, respond to questions and support your statements about yourself with specific examples.

Prepare thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer. Ask questions that you did not find answers to during your research about the employer.

Immediately after the interview, jot down important details so you don't forget them.

Be genuine and honest, your best professional self. The discovery of dishonesty results in the withdrawal of job offers and termination. You desire a harmonious relationship with your employer. If you get hired by If you are hired by impersonating someone else, both you and your employer will be unhappy.

It's not only about how you present yourself but also how you smell, so if it's a physical interview, try to wear perfume.


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