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From Orientation to Success

Updated: Apr 22

In today's world, where start-ups are opening almost every day in India, currently around 75,000+ start-ups are running right now and big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are using layoffs for cost-cutting, lots of companies are hiring, and employees don't know what they should do apart from their basic job. Candidates should be effective and learn from every corner of the company.

Here are some points employees should do after joining a new organization:-

1. Know about Your Organisation: - As a new employee, the most important thing you can do is learn as much as possible about the company you'll be spending so much of your time with. Make an effort to learn more about the history, mission, goals, achievements, clientele, and successes of the company. This can shed light on the inner workings of the organisation, the role you'll play within it, the people you'll be serving, and your own role within the organisation.

2. Know your Industry:- Knowing the industry is a must for your progress. This can help you in understanding the need of your customer and the type of service provided by the organisation. Without understanding your industry and its needs, it becomes difficult for you to progress in your job.

3. To-do List:- Prepare everything from your clothes for the first day to the kind of transportation you will use by making a list and crossing items off as you complete them. Don't worry unduly about the day you officially join. Make an effort to prepare in advance and show there on time for your first day of work.

4. Ask for help:- If you're stuck, ask for help from whoever you think can help. New hires don't know everything on day one. This will show your hungernes to learn and complete tasks that have been assigned to you.

5. Understanding Company Policy:- Policies vary from firm to company based on factors such as industry. The company's standard is consistent adherence to policy. Learning the rules and making an effort to conform to them are prerequisites to beginning employment. Ask a coworker or the HR representative for assistance if you're unclear about a policy.

6. Prepare your Documents:- Get your paperwork in order so that you can join. Make sure you have photocopies of all necessary paperwork and evidence on hand well in advance. The joining process will be less difficult and less stressful for you if you do this.

7. Understanding Job Culture:- It's not easy for everyone to adjust to a new setting. Organisational stability demands constant adaptation to changing conditions. It may take us some time to adjust to the pace and atmosphere of the office. It is possible to learn about the workplace by seeing how others work and responding to different situations. The sooner you learn to adjust to your new surroundings, the quicker you'll feel at home in your new career.

8. write down everything:- New hires should get into the habit of taking notes, as they will likely be exposed to a plethora of information in their first few days on the job.

9. Understand the Nature of your Job Goals:- You are aware of your position and the tasks at hand. Seek clarification from your superiors regarding your role and the actions you intend to take within it if necessary. The company is relentless in its pursuit of its mission. You, as a new employee, are expected to work with the same dedication as the rest of the team. Learn as much as you can about your duties and what is expected of you before diving in.


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