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Experts believe a combination of the two interviewing methods will be the way recruiting and hiring is done post-pandemic as traditional hiring practices make a comeback alongside recently adopted virtual processes. 41 percent of 1,140 hiring leaders said they plan to use a combination of in-person and virtual interviews, according to a study commissioned by HireVue, a video interview and assessment provider. The research found that 23 percent of respondents plan to move solely to Virtual interviews are not going away," said Peg Buchenroth, senior vice president of HR at staffing and recruitment firm Addison Group in Chicago. "Virtual interviewing will remain an option for talent acquisition, depending on the situation virtual interviewing.

Video interviewing is clearly beneficial for high-volume recruiting, for example, or for roles that will be completely remote. "For senior roles, you may start out virtual, but at some point you'd want to have in-person engagement," she said. "Hiring for senior roles is a big investment, and you will want to interview those candidates in person."

Why Virtual Interviews and Technology?

Video interviewing accelerates the entire hiring process. Setting up onsite interviews with candidates and all relevant stakeholders is a chore for recruiters and sometimes fraught with canceled and rescheduled appointments.

The scheduling flexibility and availability of interview participants to log into their computer for an interview versus taking the time—and time off for employed candidates—to meet in person is one of the top benefits of virtual interviews, said Alexandra Obanion, lead recruiter and talent advisor at Celanese, a chemical technology company based in Dallas.

Tiffany Ballve is a senior talent sourcing manager leading a team that oversees interview events for engineers at Microsoft. "Before going virtual because of COVID-19, we were doing about 15 of these events per month, bringing in about 30 to 65 candidates per event, always in person, at the Seattle campus.


  • DO test out the video platform, audio, and video

  • DO check your internet connection and camera settings

  • DO be strategic about where you conduct the interview

  • DO look and sound the part


  • DON’T go in unprepared

  • DON’T be too casual

  • DON’T read off the screen

  • DON’T Lose Focus


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