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Why sending Right CVs important for the Right Role?

1. Positions are not open for too long- Right CVs can help organisations to get the right position at the right time and place. When positions are not open for too long periods such roles create competition in the market for recruitment agencies.organization

2. Exclusive positions for specific agencies-When you have built a strong relationship with your client then definitely, they will consider you as your partner organisation to provide the best exclusive job roles and one of the best players for the organisation.

3. Long-term relationship-When clients are satisfied with the performance of candidates showing the right caliber according to the right CVs such that it helps to build a strong relationship with the firm that has given the right platform for the right person.

4. Trust-Trust building is a long-term exercise because when two parties are well satisfied with the performance of the selected candidate depending on his CVs. Both Clients and organisation can maintain their relationship for Long Term Projects also

5. Resources Allocation-Right CVs will help to reduce the extra allocation of resources when it comes to the selection of the best candidate. The Firm would help to find the best candidate for the right job,Right Place, and Right Time

6. Number of interviews and Time-Can help to reduce cycles of interviews as one/two round of interview is sufficient to find the best suitable candidate.


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