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Image by Marten Bjork

Marketing Manager

Job Description

Understand business needs and objectives, and develop strategies for effective data analysis and reporting. To ensure AMC coverage for all customers' products (IC/IW/OW/OC) and growth in AMC numbers To ensure mandated services are completed on time, customer complaint response time should be tracked and completed as per norms. Regular communication with BPs, ASCs, and installation partners is necessary to ensure 100% revenue budget achievement. To ensure achieving the unit sale budget To prepare monthly budgets and disseminate them to all partners and internal teams Eurosmile brand development Micromarketing for specific geographies to improve AMC sales, like the AMC Avengers program and growth programs Analytics to drive marketing, including incentive simulation, AOP, programs, and data analytics to drive at the micro level Organise a calendar of marketing events, such as promotions, exhibitions, product launches, and workshops. Managing Clubs: Wow, Champions, ESAC (end to end) including simulation, norms, categorization, data analytics, and results publication on a timely basis Cross sell Upsell, Resell channel-wise drive for business growth CD, FDO, Direct Converged, ASC Monitor digital spends on search engine and AMC marketing across digital channels. Organize promotional activities and measure their effectiveness; monitor and ensure the effectiveness of campaigns on social media.

Skills required

  • Very good command of MS Excel and MS Word, including advanced Excel skills

  • Good communication skills (written and verbal)


 8–10 years of experience


Postgraduate degree in Marketing

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