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Image by Marten Bjork

Operations Head

Company Overviews

they are a luxury jewelry global powerhouse with over 120 years of legacy and three design studios catering to retailers globally, along with building human-centric brands.

their aim is to make jewelry more relevant to the evolving new customer with superior craftsmanship and stories told in design. they do this with a deep knowledge of our consumers, centering everything we do, from insight to creation, around them. Helping create new desires in the world of jewelry.

they help retailers stay relevant with jewelry that continues to evolve with the modern-day customer. We reimagine classic jewelry techniques, cuts, categories, colours, and more to create contemporary and creative collections that deliver the beat of the new-age consumer. With a 1000+ talented team and 100+ designers, we have created over 40 collections for retailers across India.

Their design team takes inspiration from sharp consumer insights to create jewelry that's in sync with the modern shopper’s lifestyle.

We work with retailers and brands across India, the Middle East, and other parts of the world to make jewellery more exciting for the evolving new customer.

Our commitment has always been to evolve with them in a way that reinforces their relevance and celebrates their audience's distinctive styles.

Job Profile

  • Developing, aligning, and integrating a manufacturing strategy and action plan in line with the company's strategic and financial direction, along with all stakeholders and functions, as needed

  • Establishing, planning, and controlling the functional and investment budgets of the production department.

  • Drive mastery of production process knowledge and management through organizational capability improvement strategies.

  • Promote and improve the quality of the products by improving yields, eliminating escapes, and improving manufacturing processes continuously.

  • Build a strong culture of compliance with adherence to quality system requirements in addition to corporate policies and training requirements.

  • In partnership with process engineering and product development teams, seamlessly transition new products into production.

  • Ensure proactive engagement, representation, and support by manufacturing for development projects to ensure future products meet operational efficiency goals.

  • Develop effective communication and positive working relationships with other departments, thus ensuring team effort in determining priorities and achieving production goals.

  • Constantly working towards designing and driving continuous improvement plans across policies, procedures, and systems, with a firm eye on bringing efficiency to operations in alignment with business goals while driving coordination between support and business functions

  • playing a pivotal role in assessing and addressing issues while streamlining operating infrastructure, consolidating administrative functions, organizing labor, and enhancing purchase methodology.


  • Experience in skilled people, handling larger teams, and human resource orientation would be valuable.

  • ability to work under pressure and in a rapidly changing environment

KARs (Key Attributes and Traits)

  • Calm in the chaos

  • Planning and OrganizationOrganisation

  • sensitive to people and business

  • Collaborative and problem-solving

  • Strong decision-making skills

  • Resilience to keep going after the goal despite setbacks

  • Having an ever-learning attitude

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