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Cyber Security

Industry Overview

Cygnus A.D Management Consulting LLP: Cybersecurity Recruitment Specialists

Located in the tech-forward district of Powai, Mumbai, Cygnus A.D Management Consulting LLP has established itself as a leader in cybersecurity recruitment. Since 2013, we have been dedicated to connecting premier cybersecurity firms and corporate IT departments with the top talent in the field. Our deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape enables us to meet the nuanced needs of this vital industry.

Expertise in Cybersecurity Talent Acquisition
At Cygnus A.D, we recognize the ever-growing threats and challenges that businesses face in safeguarding their digital assets. Our targeted recruitment services are meticulously designed to source candidates who are not only technically proficient but also strategically minded to enhance your security posture.

We Specialize in Placing Talent Across All Cybersecurity Domains:

  • Network Security

  • Information Security

  • Cloud Security

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Incident Response

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Cybersecurity Consulting

A Strategic Recruitment Approach
Our recruitment experts at Cygnus A.D possess a blend of technical knowledge and HR expertise, allowing us to effectively match cybersecurity professionals with roles that demand both skill and discretion.

We use a rigorous selection process to ensure candidates not only meet the required technical skills but are also a cultural fit, committed to protecting and advancing your organization’s security initiatives

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