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Industry Overview

Cygnus A.D Management Consulting LLP: Leaders in IT Recruitment

Nestled in the innovation-rich region of Powai, Mumbai, Cygnus A.D Management Consulting LLP is at the forefront of Information Technology recruitment. With a history of excellence since 2013, we are dedicated to connecting leading tech companies with exceptional IT talent. Our team, deeply rooted in the tech industry, understands the dynamic nature of IT and the skills required to succeed in this fast-evolving landscape.

Expertise in IT Recruitment

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the complexities of the IT sector and the diverse needs of our clients, ranging from emerging tech startups to established software giants. Our strategic recruitment services are designed to meet the needs of this highly specialized market, ensuring that we place only the most competent and innovative professionals.

Our Services Cater to All Aspects of IT:

  • Software development and engineering

  • IT infrastructure and cloud solutions

  • Cybersecurity and risk management

  • Data analytics and business intelligence

  • Project management and IT consulting

  • User experience and user interface design

  • IT support and operations

Our Client Portfolio Includes:

  • Software development firms

  • IT service providers

  • E-commerce giants

  • Telecommunications companies

  • Financial technology companies

  • Startups and SMEs focusing on digital transformation

Our Competitive Edge
At Cygnus A.D, our recruitment specialists possess a blend of technical expertise and human resource acumen, making them uniquely qualified to understand both the technical requirements and the cultural fit for IT roles. This dual approach ensures that we not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations by delivering candidates who are ready to drive technological innovation.

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